Core crypto assets that drive mass adoption of blockchain worldwide

PYESwap was created to foster genuine transparency and authenticity within cryptocurrency platforms worldwide. Our goal is to breed mass adoption across all of humanity and be one of the pioneers best known for driving Web 3.0 and Blockchain Technology into the future.

Welcome to PYESwap

PYESwap is the first Multi-Chain DEX Ecosystem with Swap 2.0 Technology, the revolutionary Swap technology that's creating authentic and sustainable trading markets for token projects. PYE's proprietary tech is revolutionary; it allows projects to collect taxes in the paired asset, rather than project tokens. PYESwap is accomplishing something never before seen on the blockchain.

Why was PYESwap created?

Crypto investors and developers are constantly losing momentum in sustaining future-proof tokens and projects. Many of these tokens collapse before they reach their peak, resulting in losses. There is a need for a self-sustaining ecosystem that allows future-proof tokens and projects to flourish long-term while they develop to their potential. That's why we created PYESwap.

The main idea behind PYESwap is to provide an authentic automated market maker, which operates on the Aribtrum, Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The future of PYE is revolutionizing how Decentralized Swaps utilize BuyBack functionality. PYESwap is the first Swap utilizing ARB, BNB, and ETH to power BuyBack by allowing the paired assets to be utilized instead of the project token in the swap.

This Gitbook outlines features & services that are still in development. Thus it is a living document and subject to revision.

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