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DevTeamSix is building blockchain technology for real life use cases. The team’s goal is building monetary infrastructure in underdeveloped countries that will encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to stimulate economic growth. By creating a charity aspect to the tokenomics, we are fueling the mission of making an impact across all nations.
Bill Spata - Chief Executive Officer
Bill Spata, CEO of DevTeamSix, is an innovative leader, speaker, and creator whose mission is to build advanced technology that simplifies the crypto user’s experience. With over 15 years of experience in building and scaling successful businesses in many verticals, , and seeing a need to streamline the buying process of crypto, Bill and Eric Andersen created DevTeamSix.
Eric Anderson - Chief Technology Officer
Eric Andersen, CTO of DevTeamSix, is a Full Stack Developer focused on bringing simplicity and mass adoption to Blockchain Technologies. His professional career in development started in 1998. In 2003 he and (2) partners introduced drag-and-drop website development allowing people with no technological experience to build and maintain their own website. Bill Spata joined the team in 2009 as a partner developing a (2) year online interactive educational system growing the company to over (150) full-time in-house staff bringing knowledge and clarity to technology.
Bill and Eric moved into blockchain development in 2018 working on a new type of blockchain utilizing distributed validation through light nodes.
Deven Hammond - Director of Business Relationships
Deven Hammond, CAO of DevTeamSix, is a driven, motivated, and ambitious leader. He thrives in developing and implementing new communication strategies, serving as the first point of contact between partners and company. He has had great success in previous business experiences managing and building large partnerships with the likes of, Inc. His continuous enthusiasm and professionalism helps cultivate the culture of DevTeamSix and all of its communities.
Tommy Klindt - Director of Technology
Tommy Klindt, CSO of DevTeamSix is a problem solver at heart. He loves to find solutions to complex issues. Tommy coordinates with all of DevTeamSix’s developers to deliver top notch products and platforms. His diverse and successful professional background has given him many tools to bring success to the team and all holders of DevTeamSix projects. Tommy strives to make a meaningful impact on people around the world.
Ryan Winingham - Administrative Director
Ryan Winingham, CRO of DevTeamSix has an extensive background in Charity Relations. With 5+ years of philanthropy work, supporting and hosting large-scale charity functions along with a strong drive to contribute to charities worldwide providing a global impact, Ryan strives to share her heart with the world through Cryptocurrency.

The Team Behind PYE

  • Sam Wagner - Developer
  • Sam Johnson - UI/UX
  • Gilles Elliott - Community Development Management
  • Christine Turpen - NFT Management
  • Matt Lauer - Director of Human Resources