• Ticker: PYES

  • ARB Contract Address: xxx

General Details

PYES is the proprietary token that powers PYESwap.

Earn PYES from Staking Pools and Farms, win it in the lottery, or buy it on the exchange, then explore its use cases:

What can I do with $PYES Token?

  • Stake it in Staking Pools to earn more

  • Use it in Farms to earn more rewards and profit

  • Add liquidity using the liquidity tab on the Exchange page by pairing PYES with ARB or USDC to create LP tokens that earn trading fees

  • Stake in Farms to earn more PYES

But that's not all -- there's much more to PYE's Legacy!

How Do I Get PYE Token?

  • You can buy PYES on PYESwap or any of the exchanges it's listed on.

  • PYES can also be earned by staking in PYESwap's Pools

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