Users can earn PYE with Farms while supporting PYESwap by staking LP Tokens.

Liquidity is vital to a healthy ecosystem for any Defi platform. Increased liquidity available on PYESwap allows for more users to trade tokens at low fees.

On PYESwap, Farming is a fantastic method to collect PYE rewards. Farming is a process of rewarding users who stake our native LP Tokens, PYE-LPs, into the Farms with $PYE. They provide liquidity to PYESwap when they do this.

To gain LP Tokens, you must pair two tokens and stake them in the Farm to win rewards. This allows you to earn PYE while maintaining your other token positions!

For more info on Liquidity Provider (LP) Tokens and how to create them, view our Add/Remove Liquidity page.

Getting Started

Setting up farming requires some effort to set up.

To enter a Farm, you'll need "LP Tokens". Farms can only take LP Tokens that are identical to their own; for example, the PYE-BNB Farm will only accept PYE-BNB LP Tokens.

You'll need to supply liquidity for that trading pair to receive the precise LP Token. You must first offer liquidity for the PYE-BNB pair to obtain PYE-BNB LP Tokens.

While it may appear frightening, it's not difficult. Follow along as we go through Farms step by step.

Choose Your Farm

You must first select a Farm that is appropriate for you before proceeding. A list of available Farms may be found below.

With the default Hot sorting, PYE-BNB and PYE-BUSD are pinned to the top of the list. Hot will show other Farms after the pinned Farms, in order of how new they are.

If you want, you may sort by APR for the Farms with the greatest reward rate right now.

When you locate a Farm you want to use, make a note of the trading pair, such as PYE-BNB, in case you need it later.

Providing Liquidity to Get LP Tokens

You'll need to add liquidity to acquire your LP Tokens now that you've picked a Farm to invest in.

  1. Select the Farm from the list, and it will expand to provide additional information.

  2. There are several links on the left. Select your pair LP from the drop-down menu. This will open the Add Liquidity page for your Farm's pair.

  3. Stake your LP token into the farm

  4. Go to the Farm page and locate your farm. Click on the row with the pair. Click the Enable button when you're ready to confirm the activity in your wallet.

  5. The Enable button will change to Stake LP after a short wait. A new window will pop up!

  6. Type the amount of LP Tokens you would like to farm into the field, or just click Max to use all of your LP Tokens.

  7. The Confirm button will light up once you've input the amount. Simply click it and your wallet will request confirmation of your action.

  8. After a short wait, the window will close, and you will see your new staked LP Token balance in the details.

Detailed guide here - Add/Remove Liquidity

Adding or Removing LP Tokens from a Farm

You can decide to add more LP Tokens to a Farm at a later time or to remove them from a Farm. You can simply do this whenever you want.

  1. Return to the Farms page and switch the "Staked only" toggle located at the top of the page.

  2. Only the pairings in which you have LP Tokens should appear on the list now, making it easier to locate your Farm.

  3. Find the Farm where you have LP Tokens and click the row to see more information. On the right-hand side, you'll find a - and + button. Click the "+ button" to stake LP Tokens, and to remove LP Tokens click -.

  4. A window will pop up and you can type the amount you would like to stake/unstake, or click Max to remove/add all available LP Tokens.

  5. Double-check the data, then click the Confirm button to confirm your wallet activity.

  6. Your updated balance will appear in the information section of your LP Token pair after a short wait. If you've un-staked your LP Tokens, any un-harvested earnings will be collected immediately.

Farming Reminders

  • Once unlocked, you can withdraw any or all of your tokens whenever you like.

  • All PYESwap Farms and Pools have a 5 day lock period.

How to Harvest Farming Rewards

To collect your rewards, you’ll need to visit your chosen Farm and collect your PYE

  1. Return to the Farms page.

  2. Find the Farm with your LP Tokens and click on the row to view details. Under "PYE earned," you should see an approximation of your rewards.

  3. Click the Harvest button and confirm the action in your wallet. After a short wait, the PYE will be claimed to your wallet for you to use as you like.

  4. Go to the Pools section

  5. Choose the Staking Pool you want to utilize. We'll utilize the Stake PYE, Earn APPLEPYE pool in this example

  6. Select Enable, then confirm your wallet transaction

  7. Select the PYE Stake option.

  8. Enter the desired quantity of tokens to the stake, then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Farms are as easy as that! If you want to learn more about earning rewards on PYESwap, you may want to take a look at staking tokens in Pools.

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