❔General FAQ

What is Swap 2.0?

This PYESwap technology mitigates artificial selling pressure caused by fees associated with swapping tokens. PYESwap is the first-ever DeFi Swap powered by Swap 2.0, the revolutionary update to previous swap technology that does not enable authentic charts.

Which wallets can be used to store $PYES?

$PYES Tokens currently run ERC-20 (Ethereum Network). It can be stored in BEP-20 & ERC-20 compatible wallets. We do not recommend specific products and suggest you do your due diligence when setting up your crypto wallet.

Where is $PYES traded? Is $PYES transferable?

You can buy and sell $PYES on PYESwap.

It is transferable between wallets.

Is PYESwap safe? Has PYESwap been audited?
  • Transparency:

    • We’re built on open-source software: our site and all our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.

    • Our contracts are verified on BscScan so you know that what you see is what you get:

  • Security best practices:

    • Use multisig for all contracts.

    • Our contracts’ time-lock gives you peace of mind.

How do I connect my wallet to PYESwap?

Learn how to connect your wallet to PYESwap here.

I transferred $PYES from one wallet to another and it never arrived. Can you help me?

We do not maintain, nor have any control over, the wallets where you choose to store your PYE. Therefore, we cannot help you directly. However, we suggest that you contact the wallet provider for both the source & destination and ask for their help. If you have a transaction-identifier (txHash) we suggest you include that in your query.

What is the difference between staking and farming?

Staking in the Pools and farming with Yield Farming are two ways to earn more $PYES while supporting PYESwap.

Staking only requires $PYES to be deposited in. Yield Farming is more complex and allows you to earn interest on a trading pair when you stake LP Tokens to earn $PYES.

Learn more about Yield Farming.

How can I farm $PYES?

We have a Yield Farming guide if you're interested in learning how to farm.

Where can I stake $PYES?

You can stake your $PYES in the Staking Pools.

Read our How To Use Staking Pools page if you'd like a hand in getting your tokens staked to earn more on PYESwap!

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