PYELab Bounty Program

Information regarding the bounty for token projects launching on PYELab.

Bounty Program Scope

The PYELab Bounty Program is set up to incentivize users who refer projects to launch using PYELab, the exclusive launchpad gateway into Swap 2.0.

In order to utilize this bounty, users must create their Referral Link here.

Wallets submitted are added to the list of approved PYELab bounty wallets that projects will be able to select from during presale creation.

During PreSale creation, projects are given an opportunity to input a referral wallet address. This will be the only way that bounty eligibility is tracked, so make sure that the project you are referring has your wallet address!

Bounty Structure

PYELab takes an industry standard 2% fee on all Presale raises. To incentivize users to refer their favorite upcoming project to launch with PYELab, this entire fee will be passed on to the referral wallet.

Example: Say a project raises 1,000 ARB. The PYELab bounty program will send 20 ARB to the person who referred the project.

Project's will have to input the referring address or utilize your Referral link to create their presale, so make sure that the project owners have it when they list their presale.

Reward Payout Structure

Payouts from the bounty program will be sent automatically after the presale has completed.

Get in Contact

Have questions? Want to start referring projects? Join us on Telegram to get the conversation going!

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