Add/Remove Liquidity

You'll need to deposit a quantity of any token pair you want to give liquidity. The liquidity you can supply will be limited by the lowest value (in USD) of the two coins.

You may quickly exchange tokens for whatever you require.

Letโ€™s add liquidity using PYES and USDC for example:

  • Click on Trade, then click on Liquidity from the drop-down.

  • Click on the โ€œFind other LP tokensโ€.

  • For the top input, click 'Select a currency'. Then choose one of the tokens in the liquidity pair you want. Use USDC as an example.

  • For the bottom input, click โ€˜Select a currencyโ€™. And choose the other token in the liquidity pair you want. Choose PYES.

  • Enter an amount on one of the tokens under โ€œInputโ€. The other is calculated and filled automatically.

  • Click the Enable PYES button. If you are adding liquidity against tokens other than USDC, you might need to click enable twice for each token in your pair. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

  • The Supply button will then light up. Click to proceed.

  • Your wallet will ask you for confirmation. Confirm your transaction from your wallet.

  • Soon after, you will see your LP Token balance at the bottom of the page.

You can repeat the above steps to add more liquidity or add liquidity to different pairs.

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