$PYES Tokenomics

Is PYES a deflationary or inflationary token?

$PYES is a inflationary token with an unlimited supply


PYES has a total tax rate of 0% on both buys and sells.

PYES token has 0% Transfer Tax

How is $PYES supply reduced?

Smart Contract Driven Automatic Buyback and Burn

This allows for proactive, strategic mitigation of possible costs to the project as it develops. As we achieve initiatives on our roadmap, the project will be able to process burns, and holders will be the benefactors as they will see their percentage of PYES go up automatically. All burns are transparent and are available for all to see, and we will announce our strategy as we continue to develop at each phase of PYES.

Rewarded Emission Rate

$PYES Tokens are rewarded per block.

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