Heads or Tails?

CoinFlip game is now available on Arbitrum & BSC PYESwap! Placed underneath the β€œGames” tab on the PYESwap homepage, holders can now have some fun while making some extra $PYES.

How it Works

For now, CoinFlip will automatically start every 30-minutes. Holders participating choose β€œHeads or Tails,” enter how much $PYES they wish to bet in the left-hand column, and let the fates decide!

95% of the losing pool is divided evenly amongst the winning holders who placed their bets, plus winners’ bets are returned to their wallets on top of their winnings. The act of β€œflipping” the coin is provided by the Gelato Network, ensuring an automatic and fair randomization protocol.

The remaining 5% of $PYES will be burned. Plus, if you place a bet and get sidetracked during the 30-minute intervals, PYESwap records all previous sessions.

That way, no worries if you place your bet and forget to check on it in a few hours. You can still go at any time and collect your earnings from previous flips!

So, only one question remains, heads or tails? Let’s see them flips PYE Nation, and may the odds be forever in your favor!

How to Play

To play CoinFlip you will need 1 thing, $PYES to place bets and gas to pay transactions.

  1. Using the PYESwap menu, select Games β†’ CoinFlip.

  2. Click Confirm to confirm and place your bet.

  3. Once the timer has elapsed and the coin has flipped, you are able to claim your winnings.

  4. You can view and claim winnings from all previous CoinFlip sessions. Select a session with positive earnings (green).

  5. Click claim payout to receive your earnings from CoinFlip!

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