Introducing PYELab, the exclusive launchpad gateway into Swap 2.0 technology!

PYELab is a decentralized launchpad that is building a trustworthy cryptocurrency market surrounded by an ecosystem of unique tools made to enhance project development and community growth worldwide. Users, developers, and projects can launch their own tokens and create token presales without needing code knowledge.

Our launchpad provides a transparent platform for investors by solving two major issues in the Defi space: marketing and investor sentiment.

  • PYELab is founded by a network of best-in-class marketing partners, verified influencers, and communities to help projects reach their full potential.

  • Certified Launch Projects go through a rigorous vetting process, thus ensuring only the best projects launch into the Swap 2.0 Ecosystem.

PYELab is a part of the PYE Ecosystem and uses our native token, PYES, as a utility token. Investors in PYES can join the Lab and participate in token presales. Not only does PYELab bring a safer product for investors, but it also allows them to gain early access to vetted token presales before they hit the public.

Multichain Access

PYELab is built around multiple blockchains in its universe and currently supports Arbitrum, BSC and Ethereum pools. It will feature blockchains such as Cardano, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, CELO and TRON. There will be additional blockchains added to the platform as smart contracts are introduced to other blockchain projects.

PYELab will strive to become the universal platform for all of the cryptosphere.

The Lab

The Lab is an exclusive platform inside of PYELab dedicated to developers and holders.

Inside the Lab, you will find some of the most robust features found and some tools that have been desperately needed in the token space. It's comprised of a combination of many different cutting-edge tools. These unique tools are built to bring full transparency, accountability, and authenticity to token projects. These tools are built to assist development teams in managing every aspect of their project:

  • Token Control Panel

  • Presale Manager

  • Marketing Pixel Generation Tool

  • Data Analytics Tool

  • Influencer Marketplace

  • Community Marketplace

  • Ad Network Partners

  • Crypto Exchange Marketplace

  • Developer Marketplace

All features and functions in the Lab will be made available to tall users of PYELab.

Token Control Panel

Token Control Panel is the snapshot of the token. Think of it as a pulse check on the stats of each project. There are multiple metrics found inside the Control Panel section. There will be market data which will be brought in by all the other outside marketing connections along with Locked Token information snapshots, providing ease to see and track LP lock information for future management.

The outstanding circulation of supply in real-time will be displayed. The top one hundred holders list will be displayed for people to see who the largest holders are. Some of the additional metrics displayed in the Token Control Panel include increase and decrease of total holders, volume increase or decrease over a period of time and social statistics including engagement scores and follower metrics.

Presale Manager

The Presale Panel allows all new projects to create a new presale on PYELab. This is done through a formal process of applying for a presale first. DevTeamSix goes through a ten point process which includes but is not limited to:

  • Standard KYC

  • KYC 2.0 Certification

  • Project Whitepaper Audit

  • Roadmap Review

  • Project Policy Review

  • Team and Staff Review for support of the project

  • Audit of community leaders and backgrounds

  • A signed letter authorizing PYELab the ability to disclose all information gather in this process with a community if needed.

Submit your project application here if you wish to get Lab Certified.

Marketing Pixel Generation Tool

The Marketing Pixel Generation Tool is used for conversion tracking of people who have become holders of a crypto project. These conversions are generated for all marketing platforms and influencers.

It can be given out to marketing partners, members of a shilling contest in a community contest, and it can track just about anything.

Let's say a project wanted to test marketing for Facebook and Twitter. The project takes $1,000 for Facebook and $1,000 for Twitter to increase its online presence. After a few days of testing with the marketing pixel, we get the results from both Facebook and Twitter which are provided below as example:

PlatformAd SpendNew Holders







After exploring the numbers further from the pixel's data, we find the Facebook average swap value was $54 per swap. While on Twitter the average swap value was $1,349. So in this example, it would make much more sense for the team to be spending a decent amount of their budget on Twitter.

These marketing pixels can be used for both social media marketing or be given to an influencer on any channel. There is no limit to the extent of the use of each pixel.

Marketing Data Analytics Tool

Currently, there is no way to track conversions in crypto to show what actual impact marketing efforts have made on a project.

The Lab's Data Analytics tool tracks down to the scientific effect, if any, a marketing effort had on a project. This tool can be used by everyone in crypto to measure the success of any effort they make to bring conversions to their project.

Influencers, CEX, DEX, dApps, project developers, and communities now all have a way to optimize their efforts to ensure progress moving forward for the initiative they are trying to accomplish.

Influencer Marketplace

Influencers are one of the most important keys to getting the word out far and wide. PYELabs will vet influencers, certifying them through standard KYC and KYC 2.0 along with auditing their channels for authenticity.

Each influencer in the marketplace will host a feedback score provided by both the projects which hire them and their community members respectfully. Influencers are ranked based on actual performance tracked by the exclusive Marketing Pixel named LabTRAC.

Community Marketplace

The community behind a project accounts for 40% or more of the sustainability of the project.

PYELabs will feature a Community Marketplace in the Lab which will feature vetted software for community management and a manager marketplace for vetted community managers with KYC Verification.

Ad Network Partners

The Lab has a complete database filled with crypto ad platforms that accept crypto ads on their platform. There are two types of ad platforms:

  • Ones dedicated to crypto ads

  • Some open for all ad types

PYELabs has tested and memorialized data from each of the ad networks listed on the database. Developers and projects are able to sort through the ad platforms listed to find out which ad network would be best for them based on their type of project, ideal holder, and more!

Information on each platform includes:

  • Cost Per Click

  • Ad Types

  • Conversion Rates

  • Cost Per Impression

  • Audience Type

  • Trafic Engagement Score

Crypto Exchange Marketplace

Just as there are scams with token projects, there are scams everyday of people impersonating a centralized exchange.

This extremely valuable tool inside of the Lab provides a One Click to List option for projects and communities to use. We have developed strong relationships with many exchanges that will benefit developers. PYELabs has done the leg work and built a database for all centralized exchanges with the correct contact information, listing fees, process to be listed, listing requirements and listing services to assist in a successful listing.

Information on each exchange will be in the database based on real collected data such as the feedback on each exchange that's been given by any of the other projects. You can sort by feedback score and the average volume of the exchange.

Why is the average volume of the exchange important?

It will truly tell a developer what type of exposure it is going to give their project and gives the community the ability to understand what type of exposure is given.

Developer Marketplace

Project teams and their communities can hire developers directly out of the Developer Marketplace, where all developers are verified and will have provided all certifications to confirm their skill set.

Every development team is fully KYC verified.

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