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With PYEswap, you are able to earn rewards in both Pools and Farms.

Features and Concepts


APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, and is the amount by which your principal would grow if you kept it invested for one year without any compounding.
APRs in Pools and Farms are variable rates that constantly change based on the total amount of tokens staked to the pool, and the relative values of both your staked token and the reward token.


Compounding refers to the process of reinvesting your rewards, this increases the amount of tokens you have staked continually, and therefore the value of the reward received. This can have a dramatic effect on your annual yields.


Rewards are tokens paid to investors at the completion of each block, these rewards are similar to the interest received on conventional savings, but are instead paid for staking your tokens.
The amount of reward you will receive is determined by the APR at the time of each reward distribution, and based on the value of your staked principal at that time.


Staking is similar to putting your money in a bank savings account, only with much higher returns.
When you stake cryptocurrency, you are depositing your tokens into one of the DEX’s smart contracts, and in exchange you receive reward tokens at a variable interest rate. Once earned you can harvest your rewards, which will then appear in your wallet. You may add or remove your staked tokens from the smart contract at any time.
NOTE: While staked in a smart contract your tokens will no longer appear in your wallet, but will be visible by connecting your wallet to the DEX.

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Farming is the process of staking an LP token in a pool to receive rewards in return. The rewards come either from AMM fees or are provided by the project the LP token represents to ensure adequate liquidity.
Farms exist to incentivize liquidity providers and compensate them for the risk of impermanent loss – the rewards may be paid out in one of the tokens provided such as $PYES. Unlike Pools, Farms require you to stake two tokens to get LP Tokens.
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