📅PYESwap Presale

Public Sale

All wallets of the public will start participating immediately after the Whitelisted Private Sale ends.

The public will have 48 hours to contribute to the sale before it closes.

PYESwap PreSale will take place on May 16th at 19:00 UTC. Here is a link to the presale page and platform:


  • All unlocked tokens from PreSale will be used for staking liquidity pools on both UniSwap and PYESwap. Funds raised from the PreSale will be used for LP Pools.

  • Total of 60% of Pre-Sale money raised will be added to Liquidity.

  • Liquidity will be locked for 6 Months and then relocked after router upgrades. Plan is to lock Liquidity FOREVER!

Ticker: PYES

Contract Address: 0xCeb40Fa7Dc0C3b9337E524b547cf5f70239D4526

Chain: Arbitrum

Initial Supply: 440,000

Buy/Sell Tax: None

Allocate ToAmountMonths To Emit

Platform Rewards

Based on Volume

360 months (30 Years)

Ecosystem (Preminted)



PreMinted PYES

Allocate ToAmountMonths To Vest

Public Sale



Initial Liquidity



The $PYES Token sale is a Decentralized Exchange offering of PYESwap DEX that provides users the ability to trade on the only authentic automated market maker with ease.

All token sales are raised using USDC with a maximum of $5,000 USDC contribution per wallet.

💰 What to do to get prepared for the sale:

$PYES token sale will use USDC on Arbitrum as the buying currency. Prepare your wallet with USDC prior to the token sale.

What to do during the sale:

  1. While the sale is live, simply commit your USDC tokens to buy the $PYES tokens. You are purchasing the tokens with your USDC. This is not the same as "staking".

  2. The sale will last for about 48 hours or until all the total $PYES tokens have been purchased.

What to do after the sale:

When the sale is complete, claim your $PYES tokens and stake them to earn in the live POOLS.


The First Come/First Serve Method Presale is a novel token sale mechanism designed to ensure a fair and efficient allocation of tokens during an initial offering.


Some key advantages of the First Come, First Serve Method Presale include:

  1. Fairness: All participants have an equal chance to acquire tokens, regardless of their investment size.

  2. Efficiency: The Method reduces the likelihood of network congestion and high gas fees, providing a smoother user experience.

  3. Transparency: The token allocation process is clear and easy to understand, ensuring trust between the project and its supporters.

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